Special designed lace veil with floral centerpiece and beaded chains as well as various bead details hand sewn onto the flowers and the lace.


It can be used as a hair piece on the back or the side of the head. It also includes a pin on the back if you like like to use it as a brooch to adorn a dress or blouse.


The gold piece beneath the flowers features gold flower details, branches, and birds. The dangling charm includes a golden bird cage with a white pearl inside.


The veil uses three different cotton lace to create the intricate layered effect. A fourth type of lace is used for creating the lace rosette and the folded bow beneath it.




Length: ~30cm

Width: 36~39cm

Size of Center Floral piece: ~14cm


Please allow 1-3cm of differences due to hand measurements

Gothic Lolita Floral Lace Veil & Brooch