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A series of strawberry themed hairclips to go with all strawberry/berry themed coordinates!

Strawberry Flower includes small floral lace details around the bow as well as lace tails on the bottom. The base also has a cute strawberry decoration. The bow has a red beaded chain dangle as well as another strawberry charm dangle.

The Strawberry Dangle is a simpler version of the Strawberry Flower bow, with the same strawberry ribbon and a red beaded chain dangle as well as strawberry charm dangle.

The Medium and Mini hair bows are a classic style that is very versatile to use.

strawberry flower bow: 11*10cm
strawberry dangle bow: 10*8cm
medium bow: 5*4cm
mini bow: 5*2.5cm

**please allow for ~1cm for hand measurement differences**

Ichigo Flower Hair Bow Series

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